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Drugs to treat mental disease / disorder. Still a lot of unknown, but we have pretty effective drugs. Psychopharmacology : drugs that treat neurological disorders. In the past, mental disorders used to be attributed to demons . Most serious psychiatric disorder is schizophrenia : the individual is out of touch with reality for a certain part of time (different degrees) Familial distribution : genetic component, for identical twins, the risk of developing schizophrenia is 48% => there is more than only a genetic component, and we unfortunately don"t understand everything. We know some areas (prefrontal cortex), the time of development (~early adulthood) Neuroscience is very important in examining what goes wrong. Many steps along the way -> something can go wrong at any point in this pathway and drugs can be active at any point as well to try to counteract the abnormality in the mental disorder. Drugs for schizophrenia were a true revolution (analogy to contraceptives)

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