Brain-Mind Identity Theory and Functionalism

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PHIL 200
Michael Blome Tillmann

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Is the mind a hardware or software Note Background about dualism helps understand this topic In what relation does ones mind stand to ones body Mindbrain identity theory Mental state types are identical to brain state types aka type identity theory What is type Type is like the umbrella description which has loads of categories under it Mammals are a type What is Token Token is a specific reference to an individual artifact which may fall under a certain type Elephants are a token of the type MammalsIdentity Theory states that every mental state is a brain state but not every brain state is a mental state Example subconscious brain states There is a type identity between mental states and brain states every token of the type mental states is a token of the type brain states Arguments for Mindbrain identity theoryIt agrees with the six features of mental states a Mental states caused by the states of the world can be traced back to sensory impressions caused by brain states b Mental states which cause action are also carried out by the brain and its nervous system c Mental states which are result of a causal web of belief are also result of brain states being caused by previous information stored in the brain Comment But mental states use rational logic How does the brain infer the information In computer terms in an expert system there is the knowledge base and then there is the user interface But there has to be an inference engine with a set of rules to use the knowledge effectively If the knowledge base is the brain and we are the user interface then what is the inference engine d Mental states about states of the world are also stored as information in the brain e Some mental states are systematically correlated to brain statesDEFICIT STUDY Phineas Gage case suggests that mind and brain have important correlations
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