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Phil 200 Entire Exam Review

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PHIL 200
Storrs Mc Call

SocratesForms and particulars o Table hes sitting on particular tablemany particular tables in this world there is a form of tableness that is a set of properties that all tables have in common o Form vs Particularknowing this is indispensable in knowing PlatoSocratess thought o Tries to use the idea of forms to prove immortality of the soulWord of forms never changes stays exact the samePurpleness never changes to rednessWorld of becoming world we live in world of being things are eternally the sameQuestion of immortality of the soul doesnt fear deathbelieves our souls continue to live after the death of the body 1 siglifle argumentbecoming is always from one opposite to another coldness to heat etc Here life and deathchanges are becoming alive and dying Why should we think living and dying should be different from everything else Dying is one process Being born change from death to lifeWhen we have one thing we must have the other Principle of opposites o Soul is always joining up with a body living for a while then dying and again 2 Doctrine of recollection o Contention that whenever we come to know anything that process of coming to know is always remembering or recollecting what we already knew Child playing with blocks could be recollecting the idea of equality Proves preexistence of the soul but not the existence Presupposes we came to life from a state of which we knew things before we were bornhowever doesnt say what happens when we die3 Simias and Cebes objections Couldnt it just be the harmony of the body Couldnt the interplay of all the elements of our body couldnt that harmony be what we call the soul Soul might be the harmony of the body Cebes objection weavercloaksmakes many cloaks in his life when the weaver dies we bury him in his last cloakthe soul may outlive many bodies may be longer lasting than any one individual bodyIs the soul really the harmony of the body The soul in a sense rules overcontrols the body and its movements
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