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PHIL 230 Final Exam Review - Moore

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PHIL 230
Sarah Stroud

Moore18731958 Principia Ethica 1903A Moores Aims and Method Clarifying the Central Questions of EthicsFirst Moore draws the nowfamiliar distinction in ethics between the questions of what should be done and what is goodHowever Moore notes that the latter can be further divided what is good as an end and what is good in itself 15In addition when one asks these questions one may have in mind either a conceptual or a substantive ethical query terminology used by Stroud Conceptual What does good mean This is asking for further clarification of the concept of good10 p 9 Moore believes this to be the most fundamental question in all EthicsSubstantive ethical What things are good This can be answered by proposing a list of intrinsic goods of the sort that value theories offer Theories of the right can be divided along the same lines Moores focus on conceptual questions was novel and inaugurated the subfield of metaethics B Defining GoodGood is a simple notion just as yellow is a simple notion that just as you cannot by any manner of means explain to any one who does not already know it what yellow is so you cannot explain what good is 7I do not mean to say that the good that which is good is thus indefinable 9 Good then if we mean by it that quality which we assert to belong to a thing when we say that the thing is good is incapable of any definition 10 But if he confuses good which is not in the same sense a natural object with any natural object whatever then there is a reason for calling that a naturalistic fallacy 12Natural objects for Moore are those described in scientific or psychological terms 24 p40 Moore holds that goodness cannot be naturalistic for to hold this position would be to also assert that knowledge claims in ethics can be
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