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PHIL 237 - Midterm Review: Arguments

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PHIL 237
Sarah Stroud

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Argumentto give reasons in support of a conclusionConclusionthe thesis for which the writer is arguing commonly indicated by thus therefore hence it follows that so or consequentlyPremisesthe reasons in support of the conclusion commonly indicated by because since given that or forMoral Principlesa general claim which uses moral concepts right wrong permissibleDeductive Argumentan argument whose conclusion is supposed to follow from its premises if the premises are true then the conclusion must be true Validitythe quality possessed by an argument whose conclusion accurately follows from its premises Soundnessthe quality possessed by an argument that 1 is valid and 2 has all of its premises to be true This means that the conclusion of a sound argument must be trueTherefore to criticize an argument one must either show that it is 1 invalid andor 2 that its premises are false thereby sh
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