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PHIL 367 - Study Questions for Midterm (2012)

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McGill University
PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

Study Questions for Midterm 367B 20121 Attend to yourself turn your attention away from everything that surrounds you and towards your inner life this is the first demand that philosophy makes of its disciple Our concern is not with anything that lies outside you but only with yourself First Introduction to the Science of Knowledge p6Carefully explicate the above quote To explicate means 1 to explain the text in your own words to further your own understanding and 2 to explain both the text and your own thoughtful autonomous interpretation as clearly as you can to your readerbeginning with the first principlea priorisummoning absolute I Tathandlung AnstossFichte believes that the reason why humans do not turn towards this higher form of freedom is their interest in taking pleasure in reality2What is the difference between dogmatism and idealism Fichte argues that these are mutually exclusive and foundationless premises about reality how and why does he argue that we choose between themeverything is grounded in consciousness or everything is grounded in mattecannot have mix system Descartes because that is to hold two contradictory fundamental principles the principle of pure selfhood freedom and that of pure thinghood necessity which are idealism and dogmatism respectivelyalso because you cant explain the passage between the mental and the physical and vice versadogmatism determination principle of sufficient reason principle of noncontradiction nihilo ex nihili fili thingsinthemselvesidealism Kantian objects are objectstoaconsciousnessHow believes that we must choose idealism freely and of our own will one must be convinced of ones own freedom before one can begin to deduce the Wissenschaftslehre if one is a rational person of moral integrity then one will embrace the truth of idealism
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