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PHYS 101

Phy554-534 Guide Pa3e 3- CORRECTIONKEY PartA 4 marksor0marks B r r A r C B r C r r C r D D r r C r A A r A E E D E D B E Physics554-534 Guide Page 5 PartB E Exampleof anappropriate and complete solution 1 1 1 f d o d , cm f:2'0 do:2.1 cm 1 = 1 * 1 2.0 2.t di di:42 cm Answer: Thelensis 42 cm fromthewall. Do not penalizestudentsfor havingusethe incorrectnumberof significant figures. 4 marks Thestudentchose anappropriateprocedureandapplied it correctly;the final answer correct. 3 marks The studentchose an appropriateprocedure,but mademinor errorsin applying it or made anerror in units. 2 marks The studentchose an appropriateprocedurebut mademajor erors in applying it. 1 mark The student'srocedure was partiallappropriate,.eatleastonestepwasrelevantand correct. 0 marks The studentshowed no work (evenifthe answer is correct)or chosean inappropriate procedure;theanswer imissing orincorrect,or it is correctly by chance. ics554-534 Example of anappropriateand complete solution tr To reflectall ofthe lightom thesurface,theangleof incidenceatpointP,/.A, mustbeequal to or greaterthanthe critical angle. Find thecriticalangle: : : lll lloil1.56 nrsinOr n2sin02 112: llair: 1.00 1.56xsinA :1.00xsin90 0t :0. : lA 1.00 sin90 :90" srnA : 0z t.56 :39.9" Considering the lawof reflection andthe congruenceofalternateinterior angles: m lA: m ZB : m lC : m lD : m lE: m lF : 0 air(n: 1.00) oil(n: 1.56) Mirror I Theminimum angleof incidence,0,s39.90. Answer: Do not penalizestudentsfor havingusedthe incorrectnumberof significantigures. 4 marks The studentchosean appropriateprocedure andapplied it correctly;efinal answeris correct. 3 marks The studentchose anappropriateprocedure,but mademinor elrors in applyingit. 2 marks The student chosean appropriate procedure, but made major errors in applying it. (e.g.Student determinedcritical anglebut did not considerthe reflectiontoget to pointP.) wasrelevant and mark Thestudent'sprocedure was partiallappropriate,i.e.tleastonestep correct. marks The studentshowedno work (even if thenswer is correct)or choseninappropriate procedure; ismissing incorrect,r it is correctely by chance. theanswer or Physic554-534 Guide Page 7 Example of anappropriate andcomplete solution EI 1 1 1 d o d i f 1-- 7.0cm= d. 2.0cm di=2.8cm 4 : _ d , ho do hi= -dia --!- do , ^ 4 . 0 c ni= -2.6 Cm X - hi= lr.6ct ?.0 # Answer: The heightof the image is 1.6cm. Accept -1.6cm. Do not penalize studentsfor havingusedthe incorrectnumberof significant figures. 4 marks The studentchoseanappropriate procedure andapplied correctly;thefinal answeris correct. 3 marks The studentchose anappropriateprocedure, but mademinor errorsin applying it. 2 marks The studentchose anappropriate procedure,but mademajor errorsin applying it. 1 mark The student'srocedure was partiallappropriate,i.e.atleasonestepwas relevantand correct. 0 marks The studentshowed no work (even if the answeris correct)or chosean inappropriate procedure; theanswer ismissing orincorrect,or it correctpurely by chance. Physics554-534 Guide Page8 Exampleof anappropriateand complete solution [! M- h' : -----l- ho do M = -3 because theimage isreal. - ) l[ -] for converginglenses do ^ d, r 1 ^ -3 ----r- Therefored , i=3do do 1 = 1 + l f d o d i l = l * l 20.0 do 3d. 3 1 3d, 3d" _ 4 3d" 1 20.0 - l do 4 do =26.J cm Answer: Theobjectmustbe26.7cm fromthelensto createanimage3 times largerthanthe object. penalize Do not studentsfor having usedthe incorrectnumberof significant figures. 4 marks The student choseanappropriate procedure andapplied it correctlythe final answeris coffect. 3 marks The studentchoseanappropriate procedure, but mademinor erors in applying it. 2 marks The studentchosean appropriate procedure, but made major errors in applying it. - (e.g.Studen dtidnotuse thenegativie ntheequation t + l \ d") 1mark Thestudent's procedurewas partiallyappropriate,i.e.atleastonestepwas relevantand correct. 0 marks The studentshowed no work (even if the answeris correct) or chosean inappropriate procedure; the answer is missing or incorrect, or it is correctpurely by chance. Physic554-534 Guide Page9 Example ofanappropriate and completesolution @ ResultantForceComponentCalculation: Fr*:20 sin60o: 17.3 N [W] Fr.,:20cos60":10N [N] : :12.7 F": F. 1Fr 30 17.3 N [E] Fu: F. * Fz:10 45 : 35 N [S] Fl rx2+ [L?\r 1f6r+rns .,m86 37.2N ResultantDirectionComponentCalculation: Resultant _ 12.7 37.2e Tan 0 [s2ooEl 35 :0.3629 U : tan-0.3629 : o 19.9 Answer: The equilibriumforceis37 N or 37 N [N20oWl [W70"N] Do not penahzestudentsfor havingusedthe incorrectnumberof significantfigures. 4 marks Thestudent choseanappropriateprocedure andappliedit correctly;the final answeris correct. Jmarks Thestudent chose anappropriateprocedure,but mademinor efforsin applyingt. 2marks The studentchose an appropriateprocedure,but made major errors in applying it. (e.g.Student foundthenetforce.) 1mark The student'srocedurewas partiallappropriat, i.e.ateasonestepwas relevantand correct. marks The studentshowedno work (evenifthe answeriscorrect)or choseaninappropriate procedure;theansweris missingor incorrect,or it is correctlyby chance. Physics554-534 Guide PageI0 tr Examples ofappropriate and complets eolutions v: 12.0mls Ad=4.0m Given -9.8 a: m/s2 Lt: ? Example1 Example2 v22 Ld:vl-r+ a(Lt)2 ="it'il(n8x4.0) ) :65.6 I ^. ., .? v2 : t
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