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PHYS 101

Physics554-534 Questionooklet Page 3 PART A Questions I to15 Blacken thelettethatcorrespondsto your answerin theAnswerBooklet. |-1| In eachdiagrambelow, thelargecirclerepresentthesun,the smallcirclerepresentthemoon, andthethird circleepresentsthe earth. In which diagram would a total lunaeclipsebeobserved? A) B) D) arl Beforeenterinaroom, thiefusesaflatmirrorthatistheroomtocheckwhetherit isemptand H saletor hlmto enter. Which person cannotbeseenby thethieffrom hiscurrentposition? Minor q**, A) PersonA c) PersonC B) PersonB D) PersonD I . - landraworeared andwhiteshirtto apartywhereallthelightswerecoverwithbluefilters. In this light, colour did her shiappear tobe? A) All blue c) Blackandblue B) All black D) Red andblue Physics 554-534 Questionooklet Page 5 A pencilisheld30cm fromthefront pinhole f of a cameraT . helengtofthe camera is20cm. Which of the following describestheimageof the pencilseeninsidethe pinhole camera? A) Invertedand largethanthe pencil B) Invertedandsmallerthan thepencil c) Upright andlargerthanthepencil D) Upright andsmallerthanthe pencil During aecent physicslabSamandSimontookmeasurements ofalight rayassingfrom airinto a liquid. Thesemeasurementsareshownbelow. What is theindex ofrefractionfor this liquid? A) 0.65 c) r.4 B) 0.72 D) 1.5 Physics 554-534 Questionklet Page The diagrambelow showsanctlacin front of aconcavemirror.aveirror has --l acentreof curvafurenC. , $ F--+---F--r r. +3 C I Which otheollowing most accurateltheimagethatill becreated? A) c) ---f-$.-+--F-{--+ ,.3 --+--+--F--r--r--l--ry " B) D) 9, h --F --lr |-- -0-+ --r- v- --J---r---*--Cr-,--.I --f'r, C / Physic554-534 Ouestionooklet Page7 As partof anexperiment,Justindeterminedthatthefocallengofathree-lensystem was+4.0 cm. Justin'sartner,James,was supposedto record theindividualfocal lengths of the three lenses. Unfortunately, in his hurry toto lunch, Jamesonly recordedthe valuesfor two of the lenses: +40.0 cmand +12.5 cm. What wasthe focal length of the third lens? A) -49 cm c) +4.0cm B) +2.8cm D) +6.9cm Carolyn isbouncingaball on afloat ianeighbourhood parade.Fourobserversare watchingher bouncetheball.Observers 1and4 arestandingonthesidewalk,while observers2 and3 aresitting on thefloat.Thediagrambelowisanaerialview of thefloatshowingCarolyn'spositionaswell as thepositionsof thefourobservers. o ObserverI Float'sdirectionof travel o Observer4 Which observerviewsthe ball's trajectoryasshownbelow? A) ObserverI c) Observe3r B) Observer2 D) Observer4 Physics54-534 Questionooklet Page 8 |9| Which of the followingmachines have the sameIdeal MechanicalAdvantage? t. 3. 4. 15cm A) I and2 C) 2 and4 B) I and3 D) 3and4 Physic554-534 Questionooklet Page 9 ramp.Thereissufficientfriction A box isreleasedfromrestatthetop of arampandslidesdown the in the rampto transformalf of thetotalchanicalenergyof thebox into heatenergyandsound energy asit slideswn theramp. graph below bestshowsthe kinetic andotentialenergies asafunction of the distance Which that the box slidesown the ramp? - PotentialEnergy --- KineticEnergy A) c) Distance Distance B) D) >' Lr C) f r l Distance Distance in To getfrom his houseto thehousesof four of his friends,Sergettravel different directions,sindicatedbelow. Archie: 4.8km [N];3.2km [w] Barry: 20 km [N]; 15km [S] Chris: 3km [N]; 7km [S45'E] Steve: 3.5km [S];I km lBl;2km tsl A visit tohichfriend wouldresult in thegreatesttotaldisplacement from Serge's house? A) Archie c) Chris B) Barry D) Dave Physics554-534 Questionooklet Page I0 The graphbelow displaysthevelocity of abody in motion overe. @| Velocity/s) 20 l5 10 50 0 150 200 0 How many metreshasthe body travelled i5minutes? A) 2500m c) 3500 m B) 3000m D) 4500 m AstronautsZacharyand Talia conductedthe typic"labcart" experimentonPlanetX, wherethe gravitationafieldtrengthis differentm thaon Earth.Thedatafrom theirexperimentis shown below. a:2.2 mlsz What is the accelerationue togravityon PlanetX? A) 2.8mlsz c) 5.8m/s2 B) 4.6mlsz D) 8.0m/s2 P
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