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June 2008- PHYSICS exam.pdf

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PHYS 101

PHYSICS 554-534 Summative Examination June 2008 Question Booklet Secondary 5 Mathematics and Science & Technology Committee 3 hours Physics 554-534 Question Booklet Page 1 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Write the required information on the title page of the Answer Booklet. 2. Answer all 25 questions in the Answer Booklet. Each question is worth four marks. 3. You may use drawing instruments, graph paper, and a scientific calculator with or without a graphic display. 4. You may refer to the lists of formulas and quantities included in the appendix to this Question Booklet. The use of any other reference material is strictly forbidden. 5. Hand in both the Question Booklet and the Answer Booklet at the end of the exam session. Note: Figures are NOT necessarily drawn to scale. Time allotted 3 hours Physics 554-534 Question Booklet Page 2 Part A Questions 1to15 Blacken the letter that corresponds to your answer in the Answer Booklet. What is the angle of reflection in the diagram below? 1 70 o o A) 35 C) 70 B) 55 o D) 90o 2 Consider the following binary star system. A star B planet C D star In this system, which moon is located completely in the penumbra formed by both stars? A) Moon A C) Moon C B) Moon B D) Moon D Physics 554-534 Question Booklet Page 3 3 From a common starting point, which of the following actions will result in the largest field of vision? A) Approaching a convex mirror B) Moving away from a convex mirror C) Approaching a concave mirror D) Moving away a concave mirror 4 Francis shines a flashlight into a swimming pool. Which of the following diagrams illustrates the approximate behaviour of the refracted ray? A) C) Air Air Water Water B) D) Air Air Water Water 5 A green dress is viewed under white light through a system of filters. The first filter is blue and the colour of the other filter is unknown. Under this system, the green dress appears green. White light is then shone through a new system of filters comprising a red filter and the same unknown filter. Which of the following colours could emerge? A) Black (no colour) C) Magenta B) Cyan D) Yellow
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