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PHYS 131 Midterm Review_Summary (Chapter1-8).pdf

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PHYS 131
Kenneth Ragan

Midterm reviewFirst choose a team1The Newtons672The Joules553The Watts4The Galileans44435The Hookes25nsansoulesoookesH Newte The Watts The J ThThe The GalilePHYS 131 Review Ch 1 to 81PHYS 131 Review Chapters 1 8 Chapter 1 Preliminariesunitssignificant figures order of magnitude estimatesdimensional analysissanity checksdiagramsChapter 2 1D Kinematicsspeed vsvelocity distance vsdisplacementaverage speedacceleration vsinstantaneous graphical approach to disp vel and acceleration special case of motion at constant acceleration eg freefallvv at0v vv2aver022v v 2a x x00PHYS 131 Review Ch 1 to 822xx vtat001An acceleration vector1Tells you how fast an object is moving1612Has a direction that can be determined from two velocity vectors3Points in the direction of motion644Is parallel or opposite to the direction of motion85oori ectn the ridis a nt parallels sIlls you how a Poi H Te PHYS 131 Review Ch 1 to 83In 1D motion the slope at a point on a positionvstime graph of an object is1The objects speed at that moment2152The objects average velocity at that moment3The objects instantaneous velocity at that moment4The objects acceleration at that moment15125The distance travelled by 12the object to that pointaatertanage ed velleeapaver s instas accelsstcts ance trectecteecstobjobjobjThe TheThe The diThe objPHYS 131 Review Ch 1 to 842
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