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PHYS 181
William Coish

PHYS 181 Everyday PhysicsFall 2013Assignment 5 due on Tuesday 12 Nov 20131 Cars please give answers to 2 digits of precision a You drive a relatively heavy car an SUV say with a total mass of 3 tonnes 3000 kgAssume that your power dissipation is dominated by braking The average distance between stops on your daily commute is 50 m and your speed between stops is the city speed limit 50 kmhIf you drive an average of 50 km per day to and from work what is your average power consumption due to driving give your answer in kWhdAssume you have a gas car with 25 efficiencyb If you move to the country your commute is longer now 100 kmday and taken at a higher average highway speed of 100 kmhAssume that now your power dissipation is dominated by air 23resistanceIf your SUV has an effective crosssectional area A3 m and the air density is 1 kgm what is your new average power consumption in kWhdAssume you have a gas car with 25 efficiency2 Windmills please give answers to 2 digits of precisionThe province of Qubec has average wind speeds of about 10 msThe total surface area is very large 6215 x 10 kmAssume you can convert wind energy to electricity with an efficiency of 50The windmills you use have a blade diameter of d20 m and h
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