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Digestive system PART I oral cavityDigestive system back groundDigestive tract Oral cavity pharinge not coveredoesophagu0073 stomachlarge intestinerectumAssociated glands salivary glands pancreas liver Can be used or stored but need to be digested to minimal unitFirst Step in digestionIn mouth food is moistened by salivaGrinded by teeth into smaller piecesSaliva contains AMYLASEinitiate diegestion of carbohydrageoAlso other enzymes lipase secreted by salivary gland but not active until stomach Epithelium of lipsoral mucosa a lining of wet surfaceInner aspect of lipsoral mucosaOutter aspect SKIN ORTHOKERATINIZEDIn lipstransition of keratinnon kOral cavity is lined by mucosaFirst layerepithelial lining oNonkeratinized stratified squamous epiImmediately underLamina propriaoLoose CTUnder we have submucosaoSometimes not presentoIt is dense CToMay contain small salivary glandsThere is also a gingivalIt is the area around the teethParakeratinized not same keratin as skinoNot produced by stratum granulosumLets look at some histological slides inner aspect of lipsSquamous stratified epitheliumLayer of squamous cells no keratohyalins do not die non keratinizedStratum spinolosum replaced by layer of polygonal cell less desmosome than in skinStratum germinativumLamina propria fibrocytecapillary Submucosa denst CTNext lets seethe PALATE Also have parakeratinized epithelium like GINGIVA rest of oral cavitynon keratinizedThe tongueMass of striated skeletal muscle covered by oral mucosaMuscle goes in different directions3 planes of sections longitudinal transverseobliqueMucosanonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium and lamina propria strongly attached to muscle layerThere will be a little bit of keratin in philiform papillae of tongueDorsal side of tongue irregular surface due to small eminencies called papillaeAnatomy of tonguewe are responsible for the 3 papillaInsertion of tongue palatine tonsil lymphoid tissueBack of tonguelingual tonsilA lingual bead in posterial side of tongue circumvallate papillaFungiform papilla little redish in dorsal side of tongueFilliform papilla give rough form of tongue at back of tongue pointyFiliform papillaPointy
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