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PHGY 213
Michael Guevar

Exercise Physiology March 16, 2012 S Magder Energy Supply in Exercise - For a 10 second sprint, all energy reserve is in the muscle. They have creatinine, phosphates, dissolved O , a2d PO . 4 - From 10-60 sec, there is anaerobic metabolism (glycolysis) and lactate is produced. Lactate makes irritability and causes you to stop. - Greater than 60 sec requires aerobic metabolism (O ). N2ed oxygen delivery (crucial) for sustained exercise. Anaerobic: Glucose  2 ATP + 2 Pyruvate + 2 lactate Aerobic: Glucose  2 pyruvate  TCA cycle and oxidative phosphorylation  36 ATP + 6CO + 6H 2 2 Mammals and birds have the most efficient aerobic respiration. Can have more sustained movements. A T-Rex could have a huge burst of anaerobic activity, but after that, these cold-blooded reptiles would deplete their energy store. o Mammals have a left and right heart with 4 chambers in total. Have a low pressure on the right side of the lung to have delicate lungs to have rapid gas exchange. o Bird flu is deadly because cannot afford and pulmonary infections since it is 1 tube that acts as the lungs for the blood gas exchange. Aerobic Work Capacity: V(dot = over time)O Ma2: Units (L/min), Significance (Capacity). More consumption of oxygen is based on body mass! Even a small person that is really fit, it does not matter if compared to a large person they may not be as fit. But to normalize for comparison of different body size (mL/min/kg), to see that a small fit person will have more V(dot)O Ma2. Males tend to have a higher hemoglobin per body weight, so they have a higher V(dot)O M2x. Can sustain 50% V(dot)O Max2approximately 4 hours/day. A lower resting heart rate can determine the longevity of the species. Humans lives > mice since the resting heart rate mouse > human. If trained, can sustain more of the maximum capacity. Can sustain 70% VO Max for 10 min-2 hours (depends on level of 2 fitness).  > 70% VO2 Max can be sustained for ~2-5min (depends on fitness level). If you are deconditioned, you can increase your capacitance, but if you are slightly active, you won’t increase your fitness capacitance much more. It is related to the body size. Unless REALLY unactive, you won’t gain more than 10-25%. A heart attack will drop your capacity, so < 50% VO2 Max will become > 70% VO2 Max. Volume of O2 (mL) per minute per Kg (VO Max): 2 - Resting O consumption would be around ~250 mL/min/kg for a 70 2
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