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Dynamics of Resting State Functional Connectivity (RSFC) OUTLINE.pdf

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McGill University
PHGY 314
Amir Shmuel

Wednesday November 27 2013Dynamics of Resting State Functional Connectivity RSFCDissecting the questions Resting State when the brain is not subject to any stimuliResting State Network a group of neurophysiological regions that show resting state functional connectivityFunction Connectivity referring to regions of the brain that share functional behaviour In other words spatially remote neurophysiological events neurons ring synapses communicating that seem to be temporally correlated occur at the same time at a frequency greater than chance Functional connectivity is expressed with and without a stimulusStructural Connectivity regions of the brain that are anatomically attached Structural connectivityfunctional connectivity and vice versa There may be a link in certain cases but this is by no means establishedResting State Functional Connectivity neurophysiologically related areas during a state of rest as determined by BOLD testing usually Can be illustrated in averages or over time see dynamic functional connectivityDynamic Functional Connectivity observable changes in functional connectivity that occur over time time scale of seconds A lot of work has been done on characterizing average RSFC for the span of 10 minutes Now physiologists are looking at the dynamics of RSFC and measuring changes that occur every 10 seconds or soObjective of Paper Discuss current studies that have been done on the dynamics of RSFC Analyze the difculties that arise when trying to understand this topic Finally outline what we can learn about the mechanisms of RSFC by studying its dynamics1
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