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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

January 1 1944 NAFTANorth American Free Trade AgreementALENA frpresident Carlos Salinas de Gortarion that same daymajor guerilla insurency erupted in southern Mexico in Chipas revolutionary organisation Zapatista National Liberation Frontlas Zapatistas they demanded more political participation and a solution to the urgent economic difficulty of poor rural farmersThe guerillas starting the same day as the NAFTA was not randomthe zapatistas considered considered Mexicos increased integration to world economy as a threat to the well being of the majoritythere was also the issue of racial and ethnic divisionblend of columbianspanish heritage increase against the government became frequent whereas they were nearly inexistent before 1980 political assasinations the ruling partys presidential candidate International and domestic investors began to withdraw their money from the countryBy the end of the yearmajor economic crisis that amplified social tensionsimpact felt internationallythe fear of similar phenomenons in other neighboring countries caused foreign businesses to withdraw their economic connections to the regionincrease of
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