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POLI 211 Final Exam Review - China Terms

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

ChinaConfuciusChinese thinker and philosopher who emphasized personal and governmental morality correctness of social relationships justice and sincerity Championed familiar loyalty ancestor worship respect of elders by their children and the family as the basis for ideal government Confucius is important as a figure because of the enormous effect his thinking has had on the cultures and histories of China Japan Korea and Vietnam His importance is seen even in the modern political context as one of the goals of Maos Cultural Revolution was to uproot Confucius thought and replace it with Marxist ideologyCenter of the worldRelated to the concept of China as the Middle Kingdom the literal translation of the current name for China in Mandarin Zhongguo Originated in Sinocentric thought which arose during the SpringAutumn period of Chinese history roughly 700400 BC where uncivilized barbarians around Chinas borders continuously migrated to the civilized central portions of China Therefore the Chinese empire saw themselves as being the sole civilization in the middle or centre of the world while being surrounded by barbarous tribes The collapse of this view with the arrival of the superiorarmed Europeans in the th18 century and their subsequent subjugation and humiliation of China led to introspection amongst Chinese intellectual and political leaders eventually leading to a revival of Chinese nationalism and the need for China to catch up with the West economically and militarily so that it may never be shackled by foreign powers again Lays ideological background for the rise of Sun Yatsen and the KMTChinese Communist Party and its Chairman of the Central CommitteeFounded in 1921 as part of the international communist movement Was heavily influenced by the Communist International Organization guidelines and leadership determined by Moscow to a large extent Instructed in 1922 to join Sun Yatsens KMT to form unified front against warlords while also infiltrating the military academy established by Sun to train an indoctrinated revolutionary army for the KMT Open split between KMT military leader Chiang Kaishek and the communists during the Northern Expedition in 1927 Slowly defeated by KMT army which
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