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POLI 211 Final Exam Review - Mexico Terms

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

MexicoCaciquePolitical bosses who control local government and are relatively autonomous from the federal government Coopting these individuals has been a main concern in the centralization of political authority in Mexico Problem during the postindependence periodImportant as an example of challenges to centralized rule CaudillosCamarillasA group of courtiersfavourites who surround a king or ruler Usually do not hold any office or have any official authority but influence their ruler behind the scenes Consequently they also escape having to bear responsibility for the effects of their advise Seen in Ferdinand VII whos turn towards autocracy following his restoration on the thrown after the Peninsular War was fuelled by his camarilla Important in the effect that it had in colonies such as Mexico where sovereignty movements were crushed in his name CaudillosPolitical strongmen during the 1800s who frequently controlled their own armies and dominated local politics Their presence made centralized political authority difficult to establish during that century and led to decades of political instability Most important caudillo was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Directly comparable to caciques in their ability to hinder growth of centralization Chamber ofDeputiesLower house of the Spanish Congress Used to be some PR some FPTP singlemember districts but moved towards PR to be more inclusionary of minorities Directly comparable to Russian Duma Hernan CortesSpanish conquistador who completed Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1521 by defeating Montezuma Important due to his ties to the colonial history of Mexico
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