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POLI 211 Final Exam Review - Russia Terms

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

RussiaLeonid BrezhnevLeader of Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1964 until death in 1982 Presided over an orthodox MarxistLeninist regime that became more and more politically corrupt and economically stagnant over timeComparable to conservative consolidation in China Jiang and HuChechnyaEthnic republic that declared its independence from the Russian Federation in September 1991 On December 1994 Yeltsin launched a disastrous fullscale military attack on Chechnya in which tens of thousands of Chechens and Russians were killed This first war was settled in the summer of 1996 but the political status of the republic remained unresolved A second Chechen war broke out in the fall of 1999 which facilitated the rise of Putin Important as a parallel to other authoritarian nations with ethnic minorities For example why do celebrities care about Tibet but not Chechnya CollectivizationTheory advocated by MarxistLeninists and adopted by Stalin and Mao in which private ownership of land was abolished and public or collective ownership was instated instead This policy led to deaths of millions in Russia especially Ukraine as well as violence famine and an inefficient agricultural system However it also provided USSR capital necessary for industrialization policies Important comparable to Maos Great Leap Forward CISCommonwealth of Independent States loose association of former Soviet republics formed in December 1991 to replace the USSR It was officially created at the Belovezh Forest meeting of Yeltsin and the presidents of Ukraine Belorussia Belarus and Kazakhstan Has been largely ineffective since the collapse of the USSR Comparable to British Commonwealth
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