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Political Science
POLI 212

Midterm Review02262013DifferencesBoth late industrial change of industrial developmentsMore steel and ironMore state involvement in processesPolitical Rise and fall of democracy time frame Age of nationalism post WWIage of nationalbecome nation states late compared to world wars political and economic overlap in state run ideals Course pack reading of comparing these Mazower articulating points of thisItaly CatholicGermany Bismarck 1870 formationProtestantCivil society turned right bc of communism governement is useless national socialis then I chage going into WW2Mazower readingFear of communism in German and Italy and other areasProportional representation in legislature gave more power to executive Weimar republic crated so much divide emphasis on right and division of right gave Hitler a lot of power Germany in disarraygo to HitlerLook at national solitary constitutions aUnification on national identity divided Germany in Weimar areaEncourages a move towards the center do to issues of WeimarLijphartConsensus and Diff kinds of dem processDepending on makeup of state diff systems can work better auth or consosiationalComposite StateUnitary vs federal has to do with burLocal legis in UK unique quality in unitary systemContrary to ideas of unitary stateGenerally they are about equality and standardizationTalking about kingdom of Scotland Wales EnglandMore federalist reallyBut unification of diff kingdoms even though local autonomy it is unitary due to unificationEvidence to support one picture or another have to back up etc
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