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POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

Poli 212 Lecture notes Postwar settlements o British caseAngloAmerican welfare regime liberalInterparty concession in a mixeconomy public monopolies interparty concession and some state interventionFree market capitalism with limited state interventionInclusion of trade unions in management of the economyLabor included Craft unions No peek association no discipline no wage restraints StrikesThe Unions are not willing to give up their socialist idealsThere is a collectivism consensus in the postwar settlementConservative rule through elite accommodation they get support from the working class until labor party wins In the 1960s Labor under Wilson wins the elections They officially stop being in the oppositionThey won because they had a strong workers movement and no strong communist party in oppositionProblem Unions gave the labor party and expected support from the labor party in returnBut in the Labor party campaign they claimed that they were the only party that could control the UnionsWhen strikes broke out during Wilsons rule they had a choice 1 Stay true to the workers and not do anything about it 2 Show that they were a nation party and not just a worker party and put in disciplinary policies to control the strikes and wage demandsThis caused a split in the party Some wanted to stay with the workers and others noLoose the next election Margaret Thatcher wins the next elections 19641979She breaks with the postwar settlementServes 3 terms enough time to move British politics to the right the median voter moves to the rightChallenges the welfare regime mixeconomy and labor inclusion New Labor under BlairGets distance from the UnionsGives up on nationalizationFocuses mostly on European integrationThe Scottish and Whales movement for home rule2 parties request for independence
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