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The Communist ManifestoPart 1 Bourgeois and proletarians The history of all society hitherto is the history of class strugglesClass struggles have been evident throughout history ever since societies beganOppressor and oppressed stand in constant opposition to each otherModern bourgeois society is a continuation of earlier class antagonism but specified instead of several distinct classes society is separated into two the proletariat and the bourgeoisieColonialism has added to the power of the bourgeoisie commerce etcThe manufacturing system took the place of the feudal system or the guild system of industryBig industry emerged which established a world marketoIndustry has been extended so has the bourgeoisieBourgeoisie now has tremendous political influenceThe executive of the state has the purpose of managing the common affairs of the bourgeoisieDestroyed feudal patriarchal and idyllic relationsTurned every relation into a monetary relation including the familyDemands the constant radical transformation of production and has established itself in every part of the worldNational industries have been destroyed or are being destroyedAll countries become part of civilizationThe rule of the townsThe creation of enormous citiesNations are dependent on the townsbarbarian and semibarbarian states are dependent on civilized statesThere is a recurring pattern whereby crises provoked by the insufficient conditions of production are beyond the control of the bourgeoisieHow is this overcome
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