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Second Midterm Notes

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1 POLI 243 International Politics of Economic Relations Second Midterm Examination NotesChapter 12 Canadas National PolicyBackground o Trade liberalization and growth of liberalism in mid 1800s o Industrialization boosts production capacity and floods market with commoditiespushing prices down and triggering protectionism Election of 1878 o Failure of Liberals to reopen free trade with the US o Tories win platform by advocating protectionism for Canadian businessthe National Policy o John A Macdonald previous supporter of free trade now pushes for protectionismdemonstration of Individual level characteristic Characteristics of the National Policy o Three main elementsProtective tariffsProtect the industrialists and major industry in OntarioInfrastructure developmentStrengthen the farmers out West with creation of Canadian Pacific Railway CPRImmigration and settlement of Western provincesGrow domestic population to increase demand as well as production capabilities o Elements working in conjunctionTariffs protect east while immigration develops gross domestic demand while infrastructure strengthens crosstransportation Implementation weakness of the National Policy o Tariffs protect industrial goods but do not make the market competitive and therefore are market inefficient o Settlement policies fail as immigrants stay in industrialized cities like YYZ and YUL Net emigration of population highlights failure o Construction of CPR creates monopoly on transportationHigh prices and lower supply System Level Analysis Limited Choices o Because Canada is tied to the US American policies constrain available Canadian options o With rejection of trade by US Senate Canada faced two optionsRemain open while the States closed tradeRetaliate by closing trade as welltariff war o Breakdown of international free trade happened in the same manner as its developmentad hoc and without clear structural implementation
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