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2006 Final Exam Reading Questions

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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

2006 Final Exam Reading Questions1 Amitav Acharya writes about multipolarity as both a normative quest and a strategic imperative Whats the differenceHow does he discuss Chinas interest in multipolarityChurchill saw regional arrangements as the basis of multipolarity which could ensure the balance of powerToday we live in a unipolar worldNormative Quest o Used by France o Wants to counterbalance o Depends largely on ones ideational resources such as adherence to international law o Strong sense of national identity o soft powerThe 2 main actors in seeking a return to multipolarity are China and FranceChina poses the most serious threatChina is a rising power France is notChina wants to rise above US power while France wants to encourage EU nationalism and use the EU to balance power against the USStrategic Imperative o Linked closely to the distribution of
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