World Politics: Chapter 2

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

CHAPTER 2 Interests (individual and collective levels) Power or security Political actors require degree of personal or collective security as prereq to other goals (At an extreme) desire power and ability to dominate others as part of human nature or essential to survival in competitive intl env Usually what defines national interest Econ or material welfare Political actors presumed to desire higher standard of living Ideological goals Democracy, human rights, dignity, glory of particular god, etc. Ideas play a key role for what actors believe to be good and desirable * Interests can all be interconnected / rough division of 3 schools of thought * p.48 textbook Table of Key Actors and Interests in WP Interactions (choices of 2+ actors producing political outcomes) 2 assumptions: Actors are purposive: choose among options with regard for their consequences; Strategic interaction: employ strategies (in response to anticipated strategies of other actors) 2 forms: cooperation and bargaining (Pareto frontier*) Cooperation – coordination: interaction where all actors benefit from same choice, no incentive to not comply // collaboration: interaction where actors all benefit, but individual incentives exist for defection Public goods present pb of collaboration—are bedeviled by collective action problems, i.e., each aims to benefit from contributio
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