World Politics - Chapter 1

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Political Science
POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

CHAPTER 1 (main dvpts in evolution of WP in last 500 years) 16 century and later: world controlled by W Europeans – mercantilism 2 main interests = own political and military power + access to world markets and resources 3 principal mechanism of doctrine: monopolize trade and other econ activity 4 30 Years War (17 c.) – Peace of Westphalia: decline of Spain, rumored to have created modern state system through recognition of principles of sovereignty and non-intervention 5 1815-1914: common interest of global economic integration 6 Pax Britannica (“BR Peace”): 1815-1914, British diplomatic, military and econ predominance 7 1840s: Britain discards of mercantilism – liberalization: integration into world markets 8 Gold Standard: 1870-1914, monetary system in which countries tied currencies to gold at fixed price 9 Colonial Imperialism a. 30 Years’ Crisis: collapse of 4 empires, WWs – realization of econ and
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