World Politics Intro

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Political Science
POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

World Politics Chapters ½ When thinking of IR Whose interests did that outcome serve? Why were the people or countries involved not able to cooperate or achieve something better? How might new institutions be created or existing ones reformed, so that this does not happen again? World politics as puzzles – textbook sees to 11 (INTRO XXI) Framework of 3 core concepts: interests, interactions, and institutions 2 types of interactions: bargaining –actors decide which one will be left better off at expense of other; allocates fixed sum of value between involved actors, cooperation – actors adopt policies that make at least one better off relative to status quo without making other worse off. Levels of analysis – international – involving state representatives and sometimes intl institutions, domestic – subnational actors, transnational – members span borders Levels are interconnected. 2-step process to work in certain contexts:
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