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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

Neo-liberalism Response to neo-realism. Evolves out of critique neo realist. Highlights the importance of international institutions, help to overcome uncertainty. There is a structural dimension to it, distinct itself from other liberalism. Collective goods, international regime, collective security International system defines by a lack hierarchy. interpreted by realist as security dilemma, interests define as mutual interest and collective interests and short term interests. Liberalism contest the degrees of security dilemma, presumption of short term thinking. Highlights the importance of mutually beneficial goals. Tries to show how actors can think of long-term goals. Anarchism does not preclude cooperation. Neoliberalism doesn't stress as much the importance of domestic politics. States tend to cooperate frequently. We tend to focus on wars because they were frequent, but ignore cooperation. In modern times, States persist and don't worry all that much about survival Prisoners dilemma, non cooperation only make sense if the interaction is one time. If we extend the game with repeated plays, we can cooperate. Principle of reciprocity, states respond to each other in reciprocal manner. A long as the response is good, cooperation continues. States do cooperate until one stop. But we don't know how to an
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