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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

Narendra Subramanian POLI 322 Fall 2012 Midterm Exam: Preparation Sheet The midterm examination will take place in class during regular class hours (2:35 – 3:55 p.m.) on Friday,October 12. Please note that you will have 80 minutes to write the exam, not just 50 minutes. Part I: Short Essays This section will require short discussions of two of the three terms mentioned, indicating the meaning of the term, the context in which it acquired significance, and the significance it had in South Asian society and politics. Each answer will be worth 15 marks. It is best to answer these questions before you proceed to the longer question, but to not take too long over any one of them. You should spend about 24 minutes on this section (i.e., about 12 minutes on each answer). The following are examples of the kind of terms you might be asked to discuss (the actual terms that appear in the midterm may not be the same): 1. Cow Protec
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