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Iran and America : Is Rapprochement Finally Possible ? Katz and Mark N

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Iran and America Is Rapprochement Finally Possible Katz Mark N Iran and America have had poor relations since 1979 but Katz now thinks that rapprochement is a possibilityHe travelled to Iran to give a lecture and this article is a summary of some of the viewpoints and ideas he heard on different issues while talking to IraniansThese ideas are from May 2005Bush Administration Hopes and Fearsmany Iranians were pleased with how Bush dealt with 911 how he dealt with Saddam Hussein and how he dealt with the Taliban who they see as uneducated radicals However they were offended at being included with Iraq and North Korea in the axis of evil because they insisted that Iran is more civilized than those 2 countriesThere is more bitterness towards past presidents Iranians just want their version of history to be recognized in AmericaDemocratic Revolutions Implications for IranIranians fear that the USA will impose a democratic political system upon them like they did in other countries The Nuclear IssueIran feels that when other
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