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POLI 346
Mark Brawley

23082011 163700Hello EveryoneHere is the review guys Sorry it took so long but as I said I was waiting until a significant majority of those who participated in presentations to get the material in Please find attached a review of readingslectureIDs which we discussed The exam is CUMULATIVE so combine this with the other material and all the best Good luckLukeNotes on JFKs inaugural addressthJanuary 20 1961After Kennedy won the 1960 electionHad to position himself through this inaugural address in opposition to Eisenhower whos policies were now being discredited or at least had lost public confidenceKennedy had to respond to the Gaither Report which roused public fear about a supposed missile gap and Sputnikthese all discredited deterrence as a viable strategyIn class Brawley made reference to a new tactic of flexible response which required the build up of ground troopsFor example the Green Berets and other special forces Kind of a paradoxical message indicating the position America was in at the momentOn one hand the reality of MAD and increasing capacities of the Soviets was making alliances flexible response and diplomacy more compelling optionsBut on the other hand there was no way America was going to make itself vulnerableKennedy carries both sides of the argument At the same time there is a sort of desperation in the address in that he says America must be willing to bear any burden for the preservation of libertythis paints a kind ofdo or die image This is also reminiscent of Eisenhowers farewell address when he talks about how this war will not be ended by one big event and that America needs to have patience ALLIANCESWORLD ORDERIn the address Kennedy points to a willingness to make alliancesto function cooperatively with the world kind of looks like external balancing and reiterates pledge to the UNlooks forward to creating a new world system characterized by law so that the strong countries are just and the weak countries feel secure reduction of world anarchy makes reference to a global allianceAmerica will fight poverty because that is what is right not because the communists are doing but remember that it is the poorer countries who are more likely to turn communist that rich countriesalso a warning to countries or people thinking of joining the communiststhose who foolishly sought power by riding on the back of the tiger ended up insidewill also build up alliances with South and Central American nations again framed in terms of easing poverty but also regional dominance an important thingwouldnt want anyone nearby to fall to communismpremonition of something like the Cuban Missile CrisisCONTINUATION OF BUILDUPmakes a request to Communist powers to renew quest for peace in order to prevent mutual selfdestruction says that he will not fear negotiating BUT also this is all talk as he then says we will do nothing to make you feel safersays that America will not tempt them with weakness internal balancingwill not abandon build uponly when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employedNo coherent foreign policy can be drawn from the inaugural address America will continue to buildup nuclear weapons will try alliances and promote lawfulness in the international arena will continue with containment as well especially in Western Hemisphere but also will try to open of diplomatic elements IDs JFKs inaugural addressESSAYWhat policy prescriptions does the address make reference to how do they relate to theories of foreign policy
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