November 14

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Political Science
POLI 351
Jason Scott Ferrell

November 14 The systemic Level of analysis for war: we loo at Waltz, a structural realist. As we have seen before in the individual level of analysis, we look at human nature and the assumption is that we are always in the search for power and domination. Along these lines structure is defined as the interaction between units and in our case these units are states. They do try an incorporate the concern for power and one thing t note is that secondary characteristics do matter (like industrialization) but its not of prime significance. With the domestic model we looked at issue of foreign policy, we are now shifting away from that. From a structural realist perspective, we are in a state of anarchy; there is no central authority. States are regarded as rational actors n all of this. It doesn’t matter whether they are authoritarian or democratic, states like individuals have preferences and they can rank their preferences and chose their best paths to satisfy their preferences. The structure of anarchy is a self-help system because there is no authority to provide order states are on their own. Which means there is no functional differentiation among the states. Given the condition of anarchy all states have the same preference and their primary preference is for survival and the ability to ensure survival turns upon the distribution of power within the system. They look at the distribution of power in terms of polarity and they will be distinguishes by their capabilities relative to each other. And in determining this question, we want to know what type of system it is, is it a unit polar system, a bipolar system or a multipolar system. We ask which system is most conducive to peace and which to war? Ultimately the concern is for stability and equilibrium. The issue of equilibrium is much different conception of balancing then a classic realist, a classic realist talks about balancing as a normative principle this is not what realists seek to find. Sabrosky is the author who has spoken about this but the biggest challenge that states face is the security dilemma. When one actor pursues security, it makes other actors feel insecure. You can’t trust that other actors wont take power at your expense. Power is u
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