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Midterm Preview - Free Trade Notes Combined

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Political Science
POLI 354
Mark Brawley

Pax Britannica and the Rise of Free Trade10232010 92200 PMWhy did free trade spread in BritainThe ingredients for change at the time of the exiting of the Napoleonic Wars 18151economicallyy Industrialization steam power ships development in the railroad technology that will change domestic specialization and also the demographic distribution domestically It will also give Britain a steep comparative advantage in certain products y Liberal ideas y Britains comparative advantage labor capitalCorn Laws protectionist measure on grain for aristocrats who own agricultural land but not a comparative advantage y Britain wants to stimulate exportsFlooding of India with cheap textiles which used to be an Indian advantage2 Political Changes inside Britain y Repeal of the Corn Laws 1846 formation of the antiCorn Law league who want to repeal those laws and embrace free trade by applying Smiths argument free trade is good for you no matter what the other country does So the antiCorn Law league is pushing for unilateral liberalization In Britain the ones who control the House of Lords are the ones controlling the agricultural sector because the own large land domains Plus people in the House of Commons are also the upper 2 male population of Britain not representative of the peopley SO we see the enactment of the Reform Act of 1832 response the urbanization of population corruption buying of votes and the rising voices of people making more and more money through industry The reform opens the House of
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