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POLI 360 - Midterm Review (Condensed)

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 360

Buzan and HansenThe Evolution of International Security StudiesFour questions structure ISS1Whether to privilege the state as the referent object2Whether to include internal as well as external threats3Whether to expand security beyond the military sector and the use of force4Whether to see security as inextricably tied to a dynamic of threats dangers and urgencyBaylis and WirtzIntroduction in Strategy in the Contemporary WorldStrategy is the bridge between military means and political ends and therefore requires knowledge of both politics and military operations It is best studied from an interdisciplinary perspective AssumptionsHuman nature pessimistic HobbesianAnarchic system struggle for powerpessimistic on international law morality and institutions Criticisms against itdisregard for moral dimensionspaid advise to governments and policy advocacy are not part of scholarshipmay be part of the problem rather than a part of the solution taking their advice leads to a spiral of hostilities ArtTo What Ends Military Power1Defencemilitary power to ward off an attack or to minimize damage if attackedboth peaceful and physical both first and second strikespreemptiveimminent threat preventivewar inevitable but not momentary2Deterrencemilitary power to threaten enemy with cost and pain to prevent unfavourable action from being takendepends on capability credibility and communicationif threat is carried out deterrence failed3Compellencemilitary power to stop a current action or to take a new onedifference with deterrence compellence is a change of behaviour to what is
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