POLI 200 Study Guide - Final Guide: Industrial Revolution, Avail, Radical Feminism

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Politics activity related to influencing, making or implementing collective decisions for a political community. Political agenda issues that are considered important and given priority in political deliberations. Free-rider problem problem with voluntary collective action that results because an individual can enjoy the benefits of group action without contributing. Individualist perspective views humans as acting primarily selfishly: cannot expect everyone to work towards one common good. Ways to study politics: empirical analysis using observation to develop generalizations, normative analysis examining ideas about how government ought to work. Power ability to achieve an objective by influencing the behaviour of others, particularly to get them to do what they would not have done otherwise. How power is exerted: coercion, inducements, persuasion, leadership. 3 faces of power: ability to affect decisions, ability to ensure issues are not raised, ability to affect dominant ideas of society. Authority right to exercise power: 3 types. Traditional customs that establish rights of certain leaders to rule.

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