POLI 212 Study Guide - Final Guide: Neofunctionalism, Euroscepticism, Supranational Union

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The suggestions below are designed to help you organize course material lecture notes, reading notes and your own notes on readings. Bring in material you might have covered in conferences as well, as you deem that material relevant. The premium is on essay answers that show you have worked on the course material drawing together these various elements readings and lectures in particular. Essay section i [25 marks] you will answer one question in this section. Prepare for this section by reviewing course pack/my course readings from the midterm on. Think about the key concepts and arguments in each reading and how they fit in the course. Draw on other material from the course where relevant but focus primarily on the readings. The radical right and social democracy bales et. al. Essay section ii [30 marks] you will answer one question in this section. Think about how to organize course material around these kinds of questions: