Midterm Exam Notes

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22 Apr 2012
Government Conference Nov 7th
Executive how it functions, why, why did central agencies come about,
Federalism creation and evolution hierarchal to classical to cooperative
o Abolishment of jcpc
o Creation of welfare state
o Province building
o Executive federalism: difference between interstate and intrastate
Intra: provinces represented within a body ex. Senate, cabinet*
- way for all provinces to be represented in some way.
Inter: relationships between different provinces and the
federal government.
What does this mean for the supremacy of parliament?
o Chief of staff: most dedicated person in the ministry office
responsible for staffing and making sure it’s running efficiently.
Exempt from all labour laws, created by Mulroney to have your
fingers in a lot of different bodies, always know what’s going on.
Ministry exempt staffer, used to perceive Liberal bias.
o Focus group: talk about the cabinet, advisory body right now for the
PM to make decisions. Savoie’s term for the Cabinet***
o Senatorial districts: only apply to Quebec. A Senator from Quebec
must own land in one of the 24 districts
o Treasury board: central agency in charge of keeping track of
government spending. One of the main central agencies
o Court government: term coined by Savoie: refers to cabinet
government the PM is king and all of the cabinet ministers are like
courtiers around the king.
o Intrastate federalism
o 1949: judicial committee of the Privy Council was abolished and the
Supreme Court of Canada took over as the highest court of appeal.
Feds did it unilaterally, Ushered in a less rigid interpretation of the
constitution water tight compartments see note from November
7th. Helped facilitate a welfare state. Newfoundland joined
o Suspensive Veto
o Departmentalism: period of cabinet when cabinet ministers focused
on their departments needs. Each minister focused on its “own silo”
and didn’t interact with anyone elses. Hindered collective cabinet
government. Significant because this is what it was and now it’s this –
limited collective cabinet government. **How going from department
to institution.
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