POLI 221 Final: Conference Notes- Topic #4: House of Commons

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-Reservation I the power of the governor general to withhold their consent to
-Try to give specific examples for your points.
-Access/evaluate what do you think of the performance of particular institution
-No province can have fewer MP’s than senate has led to overrepresentation in the H
of commons.
-imperial officer was one of the roles of the G.G and head of state. An original check
in the system of government was that she was represenatitve of the British
Topic 4: House of Commons
-We have very disciplined political parties-This gives
automatic assent to some legislation.
-Private members bills- gets automatic approval
-The role of adversarialism- two sides of the House. It is not
meant to try and influence the government to change its
opinion or stance or legislation. The debate is to try to speak
over the heads of Parliament, to the electorate. Most of us are
not aware of what goes on in the debates.
1) Because of this us vs. them there is no incentive for us to
work together which leads to dissatisfaction and
democractice malaise. You undermine your respect for
the institution, voting turnout drops. We worry about the
legitimacy of the government and the laws being passed
which is a problem.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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