POLI 340 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, Yemen Arab Republic, National Liberation Front (Algeria)

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Fought for independence, has been the ruling party since independence. Socialist, authoritarian, one-party rule for most of independence. president immediately ater independence. overthrew ben bella, became president. successor to boumediene as president. Current president since 99 king prior to 1954 group of military oicers who overthrew monarchy in. 1954 member of free oicers, iniial president successor to naguib, naionalist president sole poliical party under nasser, dismantled under sadat successor to nasser successor to sadat. Naional democraic party; irst led by sadat, then. Mubarak extreme soccer fans who paricipate in protests, oten violently youth group that helped organise protests religious minority, oten discriminated against/harassed. 1956, nasser naionalises canal, france, israel + england react. United arab republic; short lived union w/ yemen + syria. 1967, surprise israeli atack, egypians lose sinai + gaza. Un security council resoluion 242: recognises territorial rights of israel. 1979 framework for peace in the mid east, + between.

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