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Psyc 180 midterm questions and answers

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PSYC 180
Amir Raz

 NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) is a popular form of inter-personal skill and communication training. NLP established itself, not only as an aid to communication, but as a form of psychotherapy in its own right – TRUE.  Increasing the number of options hinders the ability of individuals to make a rational decision – FALSE  Kirsch says the difference between the effect of a placebo and the effect of an antidepressant is statistically significant for most people – FALSE  The correlation between temperature measured in Celsius and Fahrenheit is 1 – TRUE  “hedonic psychology”: the science of happiness, its nature and its causes – TRUE  People tend to ignore very small risks. As the risk increases, however, they become more willing to invest their energy to eliminate it – FALSE  Dr. Bunge argued that psychoanalysis is irrefutable – FALSE  Many pseudo-experts have no idea that they do not know what they are doing – TRUE  The correlation between family income and their postal code is 0 – FALSE  The choices of people usually reflect the statistical probability of different outcomes – FALSE  One should be skeptical of the effectiveness of facilitated communication in treating autism because it goes against the principle of parsimony (not because it is unfalsifiable or it was popularized by the media)  What was the main problem of phrenology? It was based on an assumption that was never tested. (not unfalsifiability or “the form of the brain cannot affect the shape of the skull”)  The Invisible Gorilla Experiment illustrates the concept that attention is a finite resource, not that the automatic system sometimes overrides the effortful contr
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