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PSYC 204
Rhonda Amsel

Psych 204: Final Exam Review Terms: CONFIDENCEINTERVALS Simple random sampling: every population number as an equal probability of being chosen for the sample Systematic sampling: there is a rule used to choose sample members such that every observation is included Stratified sampling: the population is divided into subgroups and members of each subgroup are included in the sample Proportional stratified sampling: the population is divided into subgroups and members of each subgroup are included in the sample, sometimes in a way that reflects the relative sizes of the subgroups biased sampling: the sample does not accurately represent the population convenience sampling: casual sampling where the population is undefined a priori empirical distribution: one obtained by drawing repeated samples theoretical distribution: obtained through the use of mathematical principles sampling distribution: probability distribution in which each point is a sample statistic sampling error (e): the difference between a parameter and it’s estimate standard error (sx): the standard deviation of a sampling distribution central limit theorem: states that sample means are normally distributed if the sample size is large point estimate: a parametric approximation given as a single value interval estimate (confidence interval): a parametric approximation given as a range of values and the probability that the parameter’s value is within this range HYPOTHESISTESTING Null hypothesis: the statement that no mean difference exists or that no relationship exists. Alternate hypothesis: the experimental hypothesis that a difference or a relationship exists Non-directional
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