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PSYC 204
Heungsun Hwang

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3 means (k=3) Independent Nominal 2 • χ (tests independence of nominal variables) o H 0 Two (nominally scaled) variables are statistically independent (no association). o Assumptions:  Random samples  Independent observations  A sufficiently large sample size is required (N ≥ 20)  Average cell frequency should be ≥ 5 o Expected frequency: (Row total) * (Column total)/ (sample size) o DF = (R-1)(C-1) Ordinal • Kruskall Wallis H (rank test) o H 0 k independent samples come from the same population. 2 o DF = k-1 when N ≥ j & k ≥ 3. Uses χ distribution o H (k-1) = _________, p o If significant, do a pairwise Kruskall Wallis H test  if p<0.5/k, you get significance • Median test Interval or ratio • One-way ANOVA (compares means of populations) o H 0 μ =1μ ..2 = μ k o Assumptions:  Population is normally distributed within each group  Variance of the populations are equal  Independence of observations o F(k-1, N-k)=________ where F = V /VB W o When H is rejected, conduct Post-hoc tests (Scheffe and Tukey) to 0 know which pair significantly different: PAIRWISE COMPARISONS!!!!!  Scheffe's Test (For groups of different sizes) MOST CONSERVATIVE • For critical value, need DF(B) = k-1 and DF(W)= N-k multiply by k-1  Tukey's HSD (For groups of equal sizes) • uses Q (studentized range statistic) • Called Tukey-Kramer test wh
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