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Psyc 211 NotesChapter 1 IntroCuriosity is the most universal of all characteristicsThe belief of spirits stems from the fact that we are all aware of our own existenceThe MindBody question of dualism or monismDualism is the belief in dual nature of reality mind and body are separateMonism is a belief that everything in the universe consists of matter and energy including mindUnderstanding Human Consciousness A Physiological ApproachConsciousnessMany states including awake or simply aware of our thoughts feelings memoriesBlindsightThe symptoms of blindsight indicate that the common belief that perceptions must enter consciousness to affect our behavior is incorrectTwo types of human systems evolvedPrimitive ability to recognize fast movementsWasnt evolved for consciousness but evolved for hand movements so we can move out of the wayMammalian What we possess to see colorConsciousness is not a general property of all parts of the brainSplit BrainSplit brain shows that the parts responsible for verbal behavior also affect consciousnessCorpus Callosum is cut to help epilepsyLargest part of the brain consists of two symmetrical parts called the cerebral hemispheresAfter split brain these hemispheres work independentlyLeft part has speech right has only hand movementsOnly smell is exception to the ruleUnilateral NeglectUnilateral neglectFailure to notice things located to a persons leftCaused by damage to a particular part of the right side of the brainCortex of the parietal lobeParietal lobe makes sense of perception and gives us info about our position and timeThese people can actually tell if something happens to the left but their inattention to things makes them not be conscious of themEx People were shown two objects can identify right but answer questions correctly about leftTwo symptoms in unilateral neglectNeglect of the left half of things in environment and half of owns bodyPerception of SelfRubber hand illusionIf both real hand and rubber hand were stroked the same they thought rubber hand was their ownFirst the stroke made activity in parietal lobe then when thought it was self it was high in the premotor cortex planning movementSame thing happened if pain was involved the rubber hand triggered the pain area anterior cingulate and supplementary motor region when they want to move their armThe Nature of Behavioral NeuroscienceWilhlem Wundt wrote first textbook on behavioral neuroscienceThe nervous systems main role is the control of movementThe Goals of ResearchScientific explanation has 2 formsGeneralization explain behavior as a result of a proven lawReduction Explain complex behavior in simpler termsEx Mice build nests for many reasons each of which is independent of the other and controlled by different part of the brainBiological Roots of Behavioral NeuroscienceAll past civilizations had ideas on behavior but Hippocrates said it should be found in the brainAristotle thought it was in the heart Galen disagreed with Aristotle saying nature wouldnt put everything in the heartRene des cartes saw people as machines and involuntary movement called reflexesHe was a dualist but he said that the mind controls the body but the body gives info to the mindSaid this happened in the pineal body which tilted like a joystick to do the actionModelA relatively simple system that works on known principals and is able to do at least some of the things that a more complex system can doGalvani disproved Rene by shocking a limb and seeing it reflex not just by brainMuller made the doctrine of specific nerve energiesAll nerves carry the same basic message of different nerves in different waysThe distinction comes from the difference in channels and the brain separationExperimental AblationResearch method of getting rid of part of brain and seeing what they can doElectric stimulation to the primary motor cortex will move some body parts on opposite side of bodyHerman Von Helmholtz devised a mathematical formula of the law of conservation of energyHe invented the ophthalmoscope examine retinaHe also measured speed of nerves which 90 feetsecNatural SelectionEvolutionCharles Darwin Made the theory of natural selection and evolutionFunctionalism and the Inheritance of TraitsDarwins theory says that everything about an animal has a specific significance for survivalBehavior cannot be inherited but the brain can
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