PSYC 211 Study Guide - Visual Cortex, Ventral Anterior Nucleus, Rubrospinal Tract

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10 Jul 2014

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Organization of the motor cortex: primary motor cortex lies on precentral gyrus just rostral to central sulcus, stimulating neurons on parts of primary motor cortex causes movements of particular parts of the body. However, prolonged stimulation caused a longer set of movements. Ex: stimulating of one region caused hand to approach mouth and then mouth to open and close. One region caused squinting and defence by hands. The map was consistent from animal to animal. 2 regions immediately adjacent to primary motor cortex: supplementary motor. Receive info from parietal and temporal lobes and send efferent axons to primary motor cortex. 16. neurons from somato that represent parto f the body send axons to corresponding neurons in primary motor cortex that move muscles in same part of body. Premotor cortex = located on lateral surface also just rostral to primary motor. Supplementary motor area (sma) = located on medial surface of brain just.

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