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30 Nov 2017

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If so, what is the relationship of sensory stimulus and sensory perception. No one has access to the other person"s psyche. By thinking about our own sensations and perceptions, and then expressing these observation with words we can measure our psyche (false) When the stimulus intensity triggers sensation (input and. We need to figure out a way to measure the relationship between the psyche and the physical world. Adjustment (partcipant gets to lower the music themselves until they can"t hear any music) Method of limit (the experimenter changes the individuals steps until it is imperceptible) Method of constant stimuli (expectation as a factor is removed, a lot of trials are needed, it is most accurate fewer variables) Disadvantage of constant stimuli: vulnerable to being long and boring. Method of limits: give a bunch of limits and you decrease. Your friend sticks around and you measure your threshold. What is it going to look like? (curvy)

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