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McGill University
PSYC 212
Evan Balaban

 This region contains the infrared, UV, and visible light bands.  Must also consider transmission spectrum of the atmosphere!!!  Transmission Spectrum: Where the rays are going o The suns emission radiations must reach the earth o The earths atmosphere has a similar profile to the sun’s emission spectrum, so the visible light spectrum falls within the same emission and transmission TRANSMISSION + EMISSION SPECTRA OVERLAP MOST SIGNIFICANTLY AROUND THE WAVELENGTHS OF VISIBLE LIGHT; THUS IT APPEARS THAT HUMANS/LIFE ON EARTH EVOLVED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. Speed of Light  In vacuum, 299,792 km/second  Light can travel in absence of medium (unlike sound) o Nature of electromagnetic radiation is such that propagation of the electric and magnetic fields can occur in a total vacuum. Light Propagation  How light spreads out from a source? It is often convenient to collapse light source down to an imagery point o Point Source: very small source from which light emanates from in all directions and can be considered in terms of spreading wave fronts o Wave Fronts: representation of light propogation in space at a particular point in time through a series of concentric circles radiating outward at positions close to the point source o Optical infinity: The distance by which the diameter of the wave front increasing. A distance of 6m or more from the source at which wave fronts flatten out and light rays become a series of parallel lines  The divergence of light rays becomes so negligible that they can be considered parallel  Represents the initial condition when examining the interaction of light with objects o Light rays: a particle analog of a travelling wave  For propagation we refer to rays not waves  What emerges from the point source can be depicted as a radiating pattern of straight
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