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Jelena Ristic

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SAMPLE EXAM ITEMS Psychology 460 The following sample exam items are provided for you to use while studying for this course. I recommend using them first for self-testing: Treat them as if they were part of an actual exam, try to answer them correctly, and then check your responses with the answers provided at the bottom of the page. This exercise can give you a feel for the nature of exams in this course and the state of your preparation. It is possible that a small number of items from these sample items may appear on the midterm and final exams. 1) Fiebach and Friederici (2003) conducted an fMRI study where participants were shown one of three sets of words (concrete, abstract, pseudo) and given a lexical decision task. The results of this study indicated that the level of brain activity for concrete words was a) different from the brain activity pattern for abstract words in the left hemisphere b) was greater in the right hemisphere than in the left hemisphere c) suppressed by the activation of the abstract imagery system d) confounded by the manual response of the lexical decision task 2) Why did Chambers and Reisberg (1985) argue that images are not like perceptions given their study were they asked participants to reverse ambiguous images (e.g., duck/rabbit)? a) People could reverse both the ambiguous figure and their mental image of it. b) Although people could reverse the ambiguous figure, they could not reverse their mental image of it. c) People were more likely to see one of the images in the ambiguous figure than the other image in the figure. d) People were not able to identify the emergent properties of the ambiguous images 3) Cognitive maps seem to be related to t
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