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PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

SAMPLE EXAM ITEMS Psychology 460 The following sample exam items are provided for you to use while studying for this course. I recommend using them first for self-testing: Treat them as if they were part of an actual exam, try to answer them correctly, and then check your responses with the answers provided at the bottom of the page. This exercise can give you a feel for the nature of exams in this course and the state of your preparation. It is possible that a small number of items from these sample items may appear on the midterm and final exams. 1) Which of the following is true about perception and intuition? a) They are not automatic processes. b) Both are prone to errors. c) Perception is more accurate than intuition. d) Perception is not affected by context effects. 2) A friend tells you of a startling coincidence that happened yesterday. Although they never read their horoscope in the morning paper, yesterday they did before leaving their house. Sure enough, they tell you, something happened that the horoscope foretold. It said they would meet someone special that day, and they did! They state that they are now believers in horoscopes predictors of future events. You sit your friend down and objectively explain that _____________________________. a) they have succumbed to the actor-observe bias b) they have fallen prey to the illusory correlation phenomenon c) they are a victim of representativeness bias d) psychologist C.G Jung also found horoscopes were good predictors of life events 3) Image that you have just completed an evaluation of a reading program for disadvantaged youths. Those children enrolled h
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