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midterm 2 review

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PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

MIDTERM 2 REVIEW 7 IMAGERYPAIVIOS DUAL CODING THEORYconcrete imagen and logogen o more likely to remember concrete wordsabstract logogens onlyDISTINCTIVENESSvon restoroff effectdifferent items are remembered bettermethod of lociimagine distinctive relationship between an item and locationspecial places strategyplace item in a distinct location o but since theres no relationship between itemlocationyou will remember the item but not the location where you put it o ex imagine your keys in the freezer remember that your keys are somewhere weird but dont remember they are in the freezerCOGNITIVE DEDIFFERENTIATIONsynthaesthesia perceptual systems overlap o crossmodal effectseidetic imageryperceptual and memory systems overlap o icons o vividness does not always equal accuracy similar to memory ex flashbulb memoriesIMAGERY VS PERCEPTIONimagery and perception share the same resources o activity in visual sensory areasfeedforwardfeedback o but imagery and perception are dissociablereversals of bistable images are less frequent in imagined imagesSPATIAL IMAGERYimagery helps us organize informationmental models analogues form of representation o cognitive mapsobjectivecategorical distance frame of reference navigation and the hippocampus o emergent propertiesability to manipulate objects in your mind which are not possible to do in realitycan help to solve problemsSPATIAL IMAGERYimagery helps us manipulate informationmental rotationspatial attentionmales are generally better7 IMAGERY PRACTICE QUESTIONSQvividness is defined on which of the following dimensions a richness and accuracy b clarity and brightness c liveliness and similarity to a percept d cross modal effects and memorability e prior knowledge and clarityQ imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understandwhich of the following does this quote describe a cognitive dedifferentation b eidetic imagery c anticipations d emergent properties e analog form of representation9 LANGUAGEQ what is languagesystematic means of communication by use of sounds or conventional symbolssocial act to accomplish specific interpersonal goalsjoin activity like a dance
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