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McGill University
PSYC 305
Heungsun Hwang

Faculty of Science PHGY 210MAMMALIAN PHYSIOLOGY IIFINAL EXAMINATIONVersion 1Examiner Dr T Trippenbach Monday April 19 2004 900 am1200 NoonAssociate Examiners Drs C Rohlicek H Perrault J White A WechslerT TakanoNAMESTUDENT NUMBER INSTRUCTIONS 1This examination consists of 22 pages with 75 multiplechoice questions Type A and Type BANSWER ALL 75 QUESTIONSAll have equal value and marks are not subtracted for wrong answers 2Your McGill STUDENT NUMBER ID and CHECK BITS the first two letters of your LAST NAME as indicated on your ID will be used for identification purposes in this examPlease place your name and the 9 digits of your McGill ID number on the answer sheet and FILL IN THE APPROPRIATE CIRCLESbelow the wordsStudent No and Check BitsAlso print your name and McGill ID number on THIS PAGE of the examination 3Use a HB black lead pencil to fill in the answer sheetFill in the appropriate circle according to the instructions at the top of each pageEnter only ONE mark for each questionALL ERASURES MUST BE COMPLETE 4CHALLENGESEXPLANATIONSIf you think that a given question is unclear or ambiguous MARK THE NUMBER OF THE QUESTION AND YOUR ANSWER AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGEUse the back of this sheet to very briefly explain your reasoningIf your reasoning is correct it will be taken into account in the determination of your gradeChallenges WILL NOT be considered after the examination has been written 5LEAVE THE ANSWER SHEET AND THE ENTIRE EXAMINATION PAPER as directed at the end of the examinationYou may NOT keep your examination paper WARNING Exam Security Monitor ProgramThe Examination Security Monitor Program detects pairs of students with unusually similar answer patterns on multiplechoice examsData generated by this program can be used as admissible evidence either to initiate or corroborate an investigation or a charge of cheating under Section 16 of the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary ProceduresTYPE AChoose the ONE that is BEST in each case and darken the appropriate circle 1 Which of the following statements is CORRECT a The pulmonary artery carries oxygenated blood back to the left ventriclebThe affinity of CO for hemoglobin is greater in the arterial than in the 2venous bloodc The conducting zone includes the respiratory bronchiolesdCilia help remove foreign particles from the airwayse The most important role of the respiratory zone is the elimination of toxic materials from the circulation 2 Hyperventilation a is always present during exercisebdecreases CO content in the arterial blood2c decreases O content in the arterial blood2dleads to blood acidosise leads to an increased difference between the O content in the arterial 2and mixed venous blood 3 The amount of O diffusing from blood to the tissues per unit of time2 a is assisted by the Haldane effect
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