PSYC 311 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Primary Sensory Areas, Premotor Cortex, Motor Cortex

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M1 (pre) and s1 (post) based on behavioural results homunculus- somatotopic organization. Disproportionate body representation (larger drawing when more cortex devoted to this area) Contralateral control areas for feet is on medial sides (pericentral lobule) Pyramidal neurons soma shaped like a pyramid baal dendrites, apical dendrites and long axons typical cortical neuron. Smaller intrinsic (do not leave the cortex) distribute info to other cortical layers. Layer iii - cortico-cortical connections; project to other cortical areas (to both hemispheres) Layer iv - consists of granular cells; receive input from sub-cortical (thalamus) Layer v - large pyramidal; project to subcortical; projection bers. Primary sensory areas receive lots of info from thalamus; large layer iv; hypergranular cortex; koniocortex. Motor cortex agranular; large layer v; send info to subcortical. Precentral gyrus based on cytoarchitextural studies and microstimulation in animals. Ba 4 (real m1)- direct projections to spinal cord. Ba 6 (premotor cortex) - additional motor maps.

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